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Everything around the magnetic resonance tomography is our matter: We have specialized on RF-measurements, MF-measurements and feasibility analyses. With the help of our know-how, we can localize and eliminate the source of artifacts, what extends the efficiency of your radiological studies and ensures a trouble-free work. We see everything not only from our, but also from your perspective: whether doctor and technical operative in the clinic by the analysis from electromagnetic radiations or architects and radiologists by helping to find the right place, your wishes are standing in our centre of attention.

Services High Frequency Mesure


With the help of high frequency measurements we check the proper working of the so-called "faradaic cage" on shielding effectiveness by NSA 65-6, MIL-STD 285-A and IEEE 299-standards.

Services Magnet Field Measure


With the magnetic field measurement we survey the low-frequency range from 0 to 300 Hz. This is called "B-0 measurement", and only magnetic fields in the AC and DC-range get measured.

Services Feasibility

Feasibility analysis

A MRI cabin should mainly protect the system against disturbing high frequencies but also magnetic fields could deliver artefacts in your results, so that we have to pay attention on both. With the help of our specially...

Services Maintenance


A MRI-cabin is not only an empty cage: It is the teamwork of different high-tech components, which only works when everything is built up properly.

Services Production Marketing

electromagnetic components

This is daily routine in every clinic: a patient is laying in the MRI and has big fears about what happens there with him...

Services MRI

Active Compensation Systems for MRI

The MRI-location is not only fraught by high frequencies, but also by low frequent magnetic disturbances. The common RF-shielding often does not be adequate... MORE

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