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This is daily routine in every clinic: a patient is laying in the MRI and has big fears about what happens there with him. To be in a constant exchange with the patient, we deliver a talk-back system, which is a cheap and convenient solution. With this, the patient can also hear music in the background, which makes him and you much more relaxed. But we also got customized answers on other cases in the sector of electromagnetic components. A big phenomenon is the lack of space, so there is no possibility to install an observation window. A CCTV-system could help: Up to two cameras on one monitor allow to have the patient in sight of every corner – and this makes more sense of security not only for you, but also for him. Another big view on the safety belongs to the oxygen capacity in the cabin. When helium leaks, it edges the oxygen away and the pressure in the cabin increases. To prevent this, we offer overpressure leaks and an oxygen-monitoring. Another instance is referring to the light in the MRI-cabin, because off-the-shelf lamps get damaged very fast because of the magnetic field. A conversion on LED-lamps creates not only a better and undisturbed lightning at all, the patient also gets distracted of the ambience with back-lit pictures. At the end, it also pays off for you – because a slackened patient also brings more placidity, and faster screenings with a better picture quality go along with. That makes clear: we deliver diverse solutions to raise your quality – no matter which problem bothers you!

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